How To Use This Site


If you’re arriving to the site you’ll see a grid of posted studies. You can just eye them and click through as they are posted by date and thus viewable mostly by date and title. However: for your benefit and ease of use we have tagged each study according to type and location. So for example, if you’re in the state of Georgia and you’re only interested in in-person studies in Atlanta (for example), simply search for your state or city. All the studies posted in GA will show. All the studies in the state they are conducted in will be searchable by state and city. We hope this helps you save time.

We have also categorized studies according to sub location, such as in-person and remote. Simply search for remote studies and all remote only studies should appear.

Lastly, we have tagged or categorized studies according to type, such as beer taste testing, app testing, gamer, information study, etc. You get the point.

If you don’t find anything you like here, visit for more content there.

Studies are added as we find them. We are actively updating this website as well as the main web site to better serve you. We really appreciate you being here and hope that shows.