$800 National Online Study About Coding Languages

User Research International is a full-service research firm specializing in gaming, software, and consumer tech-related projects since 2006. They are currently seeking software developers nationwide to participate in a new study about Coding Languages. This study has multiple phases to it.
— You will have a 90-120 minute kickoff interview to discuss the logistics of this study
— You will be required to install free software provided by Microsoft and other open-source providers.
— You must use the software “setup” for the coding tasks that follow.
— You will be asked to record yourself as you complete four basic coding exercises that are used to teach certain languages.
— The tasks should take between 15 and 30 minutes each.
— You will be asked to complete a short survey of 10-20 questions after each task to capture data about your experience in real-time.
— Once all tasks are completed, you will participate in a final 1-hour debriefing interview where the product team will ask you follow-up questions to further understand your survey responses and screen recordings. All invited respondents will receive $800 as a thank you for their time. To apply, you’ll first need to create a free login here: https://app.uriux.com/welcome?step=register

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